Lawn Mowing Patterns

Lawn Mowing Pattern Guide in Franksville, WI

Lawn Mowing Patterns

Have you ever wondered how landscaping professionals leave those lawns looking impeccable with those beautifully intricate shapes and patterns? We’ve got the inside scoop on how you can achieve that professional look on your lawn! It’s fairly simple and anyone can accomplish it with the proper technique. We’ve put together the essential information you need to successfully achieve those gorgeous lawn mowing patterns you’ve been after. If you’re thinking about investing in a new lawn mower or need a tune-up or any other service, give us a buzz or stop in Otto Paap Outdoor Power today! We’re located in Franksville, WI.

Prepare the Yard

The best way to start the process is by preparing the yard. Before you can get into lawn mowing patterns, you’ll need to take a couple passes around the edges of your lawn. This sets the stage for easy patterns and you won’t have to worry about uneven edges, either. Precision is key so your patterns will look all the more lovely when it’s all even. Pay attention to any potential obstacles, such as fences, that don’t allow to pass the entire mowing deck over the grass.

Ring Pattern

If you’re a beginner, the easiest pattern to effectively achieve is a circular pattern. Once you’ve taken care of the edges, continue making circular passes alongside what you previously cut. Continue in a spiral shape as you move in laps. Each pass should be shorter than the last until you end up in the center of your yard. No sharp turns will be necessary when making a ring pattern. You also don’t need to be concerned with mowing in a straight line. This pattern is, easy, time-efficiency, and saves you a lot of effort.


Many professionally mowed lawns feature a striped pattern. It’s visually appealing, looks very well-manicured, and is sure to draw plenty of compliments. It might look like you need some heavy-duty equipment for achieving the striped pattern but you really only need a single straight pass to work with. All you need to do is mow across your lawn, turn your mower 180 degrees, and mow in the opposite direction with a slight overlap on the previous pass. Continue this pattern in alternating directions until you’ve finished. You’ll have grass bent in two directions for a flawless look of light and dark stripes. This is an easy pattern to do on a regular basis.

Tractor Pattern

If you happen to own a lawn tractor, it can be a bit more difficult to make an accurate 180-degree turn. Fear not, there are still ways to achieve mowing patterns. The tractor pattern can be achieved by taking a clean pass down the middle of the lawn. Next, you’ll address the edges while taking another pass in the opposite direction before returning to the middle. You’ll continue with this pattern until you’ve mowed the whole lawn. The oval pattern you’ll have created can be repeated every week by starting the first pass perpendicular to the one from the week before.

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