Lawn Mower Maintenance

lawn mower mantenance in Franksville, WI

Lawn Mower Maintenance

We share the same passion as our customers do when it comes to keeping your lawn looking crisp, clean, and healthy for as long as possible. The best way to take care of your lawn is to ensure you have a powerful lawn mower that’s fit for the job. Wait, there’s more to it than that. Your lawnmower is a strong machine but it does require maintenance and attention just like any other piece of outdoor equipment. Neglecting the maintenance that your lawn mower needs will result in lesser performance and surely you don’t want that. Otto Paap Outdoor Power has got some great tips to share on the subject so keep reading. If you need assistance or have questions, visit us today! We’re conveniently located in Franksville, WI.

Basic Care and Cleaning

The level of care and attention your lawn mower will need over the years depends on how complicated the machine is. As you probably guessed, the more complicated the machine then the more complicated your care will be. Smaller walk-behind mowers don’t need much attention to their mechanical components. As long as you keep up with cleaning and regularly clear it of clipping and debris, it should remain in good shape for the long haul.

Commercial-grade mowers, on the other hand, come with several fittings that need to be well-lubricated. Your owner’s manual will offer some insight on how to handle basic mechanical maintenance for your particular model. Many small problems you encounter can be easily fixed after reviewing your manual. If you run into an issue you can’t solve or if you can’t get it started after a long time of not using it, you’d better bring it in for service by a professional.

Cleaning plays a major role in the performance of your machine, specifically the mowing deck. This area can become clogged with grass clippings and mulch as time goes on. After battling water and mud, the residue will begin to harden and that’s much more difficult to clean. If you leave this situation unattended for an extended period of time, it can result in damage to your mower. Clean out your mowing deck regularly to avoid buildup and to prevent wear and tear to your mower’s undercarriage. This will save you a lot of headaches — and money — from having to replacing belts and other moving parts.

Use the Proper Fuel

It’s absolutely essential that you use the proper fuel for your mower as it ensures your machine will run for a long time. If you use the wrong fuel, you can end up doing serious damage to your lawn mower. You should go with any fuel that has more than 10% ethanol. When storing your machine for the winter, you should consider adding a fuel stabilizer to prevent water from separating out of the gasoline. If you don’t, this can rust the fuel tank or get sucked into the engine and cause some nasty damage.


Speaking of storage, you should be sure to store your mower where it’ll be protected from the elements. The cooler and dryer your machine is, the safer it’ll buy. If you buy a cover, don’t choose one that’s made from plastic as it restricts airflow and encourages water buildup. Your best bet is to look for a cover that repels water. Always dry and remove any excess grass before you store your mower for the winter season.

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